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We offer various modifications above all the listed models or on the custom request.
This is just a page which shows you that, but indeed, any other request is totally welcome for a proper discussion.

Width size:
Any models may go from the closest width till 168hp.
So if you like a model listed at 104hp, just keep consider it could be wider or viceversa.
Price is related to this, and is divided in this ranges:

from 0 to 83hp

from 84 to 104hp
from 105 to 126hp
from 127 to 142hp
from 143 to 168hp

Number of rows:
Except physical/symmetrical limits, any model may have an added (or removed) rows.
This for sure will effect the price, second the modification required.

1U rows added:
We can add whatever number of 1U row(s) wherever is best, possible in Intellijel or PulpLogic format

from 0 to 104hp: +65€ per row

from 105 to 126hp: +85€ per row
from 127 to 142hp: +105€ per row
from 143 to 168hp: +125€ per row

Shape/inclination of rows:
Any shape on the related model can be adjusted by your working flow necessities.
This won't effect building costs.

Sizes/internal depths:
Some model could have basement too large for your desk, or a side which can be too short for the synth you're planning to place in front of the case. This is totally adjustable!
Except a few models (all the details are written in the model page) internal depth is of 80mm (40mm where psu i present) in the case sid and 55mm in the lid side.
This is the best compromise i think works for have enough ones, without getting the case too fat.
All of this is adjustable by personal preferences

Powering system modified or removed:
Listed models would provide a proper powering system calculated to well cover the whole system based to MeanWell RT65b psu unit(s) and 20 slot filtered bus boards.
This can be resized, if you for example have demanding modules, or if you prefer have a bus board comfortably every row.
I also offer Doepfer PSU3 as power units, which is linear and provides 2000/1200mA per unit, but i'm totally open to consider other brands if you like something else.
Finally, every model, can be build unpowered, for sure with some costs saving, and leave you the case empty which will be powered with an external power modules, or with a own personal power supply.
MeanWell RT65b added: +40€ per unit
PSU3 swapping: +160€ per unit
Bus board added: +45€ per unit

On the model page, you'll find a pic which shows you all the possibilities.
You can swap between my standard colors, match them as well (EG lid in a color, and case in an other one...)
Custom colors are possible too at cost (+25€ per color)

Threaded inserts in rails instead sliding nuts:
All the models are listed with enough number of sliding nuts (1 every 4hp)
Threaded inserts are however a comfort way and could be installed.
+10€ per rail until 104hp
+12€ per rail until 126hp
+15€ per rail until 142hp
+17€ per rail until 168hp

Adding/removing shoulder belt:
Any model that doesn't provide that, can be equipped with, or you can remove that on present models with some money saving if you don't need so.

Adding lid on models which don't own that:
We can do this too, with a price recalculation

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