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We currently operate via mail. Why so?
We like to discuss and plan together any details, talking person to person is always the best way to get everything clear.
As you can read in the descriptions, we have a plenty of possible combos, and best thing is to deal them with a friendly conversation.

Order through website/mail and direct contact is always preferred rather than Etsy or platforms.
Due avoiding platforms fees, i'm able to keep prices lower

Just find out your ideal model in the products page as starting point reference, or show us your own idea.

We'll discuss about that, and see if there will be modifications required

We'll get in the end the total amount and get payment details. We accept:

• Bank transfer

• PayPal ("friends and familiars" or please +4% for fees)

Building times change week by week, please just get in touch about what current timeframe is.
After dispatched, tracked delivering is always within a week by UPS or DPD in EU, or Poste Service for extra EU.

Write us from the mirror below, or to:


Thank you! We'll receive your message and will answer you back via mail

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