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15U Eurorack Case Powered, 104 or 126 hp, patched resealable, modular synthesize

15U Eurorack Case Powered, 104 or 126 hp, patched resealable, modular synthesize

• Just write a message for buying •


These price and pics are referred to:
• 15U 126HP 
• 3x MW PSU (You can use till 6000/2400mA without overstress them)
• 5x BUS BOARDS (20 slots per row)
• SLIDING NUTS (threaded inserts in the pictures are on extra costs)
(specifications and modifications below)

(second to the power needs too)

Portable one, patched resealable
Power cord (EU/US) and shoulder belt are included

Find out the short clip between pics which shows opening/closing process!

Dimensions for the 126hp version:

open: w69 x h57 x d57
close: w69 x h45 x d45

We offer some customizations too (write me for ordering/discussing):

• changing color (free cost, have a check on my other models as examples)
• doing it in any different hp width needed
• adding 1U row (Intellijel or Pulp Logic tile) wherever you need (+€85 for the 126hp version, more if larger, less if smaller)
• adding threaded inserts instead sliding nuts (+€12 per rail, more if larger)

Internal depth for modules is of 80mm at minimum point, which is 40mm above the psus area.
Keep considered that this is totally customizable, increased for more depth, or reduced for a slimmer case, just talk about it.

Please note that different powering systems are available:

• other MW RT65b units (+40€ per unit)

• Konstant Lab powering supplies (please get in touch or visit Konstant Lab website for more informations and prices)

• Doepfer PSU3 units (+160€ per unit)

• each Meanwell RT65B has (3x pcs on the original system)
2800mA on +12v
500mA on -12v (that can reach also 1000mA)
4000mA on +5v


MeanWell declares 2800/500 mA. -12V side looks short, but can work till 1000mA if the total amount doesn't exceed 64w. In other words, i'd suggest to use any single MW psu until 2000/800 mA without overstressing.

• each Doepfer PSU3 has:
2000mA on +12v
1200mA on -12v
4000mA on +5v


• Konstant Lab provides great different linear powering solutions.

Please get in touch or visit Konstant Lab webiste for furhter informations on required products.

• We can also do it UNPOWERED, if you already have your own power system (ask for price review)

Try to set an ideal set up of your system on… over there we’ll learn your power consumption

If you feel doubtful about whatever, don’t hesitate to ask me…! i’d be happy to help

Building times depend week by week, also according with the configuration requested
Have a talk about, i’m really open to any kind of discussions/advices

Built with love from Italy

Shipping ITA and EU is now for free!!

Shipping UK: €119,90
Shipping USA: €147,00
Shipping World: just talk

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